One Slip-and Fall Changed It All

I live in Lakeland, Florida, and I had an interesting trial experience after I slipped on spilled mayonnaise at the grocery store one day. Random, I know, but the mayonnaise blended in with the tile floor and there were no store clerks around or hazard signs in place to warn me of the spilled substance. I was casually doing my grocery shopping on a Sunday afternoon when I violently fell in aisle three.

I broke my collarbone, shattered my tailbone, and ended up with a severe concussion from the fall. Thankfully, there were people around to witness the fall and video cameras also caught the incident in action. After going through a brutal recovery, I consulted with a Lawyer about my case and my lawsuit began soon thereafter. 

The Trial

I never assumed that going to court would be such a complex process. In my mind, the situation was pretty obvious—I was the victim here. The store owner was clearly responsible for my slip-and-fall accident, and I deserved a settlement for my medical expenses and my pain and suffering. I was appalled to find out that the store was claiming that the spilled mayonnaise was an “open and obvious” hazard! 

They were grasping at the most desperate defense possible. Being a large and powerful corporation, they hired an experienced defense team to defend them in court. While this defense made the trial last a lot longer than expected, I still had the upper hand. The judge and the jury both sympathized with my situation, and the evidence I brought to the case was unmatched. 

The Verdict

In the end, I received the settlement I deserved, but I wouldn’t want to go through a trial again if I didn’t have to. I mean, no one wants to be an injured victim in a premises liability lawsuit. It was, however, interesting to observe how the trial process worked. 

Even though my side of the case was clearly the justified side, the defense was able to drag out their story because they had experienced lawyers with excellent strategies in the courtroom. 

I imagine that, in other cases where the verdict isn’t as cut and dry, the verdict can come down to the strength of the legal teams for both the prosecution and defense. Sometimes, how well you or your Lakeland personal injury lawyer can convince the judge and jury end up being the most significant aspect of the trial.

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