“My Lawyer Didn’t Fight for Me” – A Trial Story

Last year in Texas, I was injured in a serious car accident. The driver was texting on their phone and didn’t realize I had stopped in front of them at the red light. I saw them approaching through my rearview mirror as they tried to slam on their brakes. It happened so fast. Unfortunately, they couldn’t stop in time, and I was completely helpless. I shattered my leg in three places and punctured a lung.

The recovery process I went through after the accident was brutal: I was in so much physical pain, and emotionally, I was distraught and frustrated. I was an all-star sprinter on the track team at my college, and shattering my leg completely ruined my future. This person stole my future from me because they were texting, and I couldn’t find solace in knowing how my life had ended up.

I knew seeking compensation for the injuries I’d suffered was the only way I could get through my recovery without financial stress on my back. I hired a lawyer, but I didn’t know anything about the legal process, and my attorney wasn’t experienced in personal injury cases. When we went to trial, I knew I was in trouble.

The Trial Experience

The defense from the negligent driver’s side was fierce. He built up this incredible case about how the guy who’d hit me wasn’t using his phone at all. They blamed the wreck on a car malfunction and used government faults in intersection safety as an excuse. I couldn’t believe what I was hearing! I hoped my lawyer would be able to stand up to this guy and get me the money I clearly deserved.

I was disheartened when my lawyer didn’t fight for me. My injuries were obvious, but clearly, my attorney had no experience and he didn’t have any drive to bring my case to victory. I ended up receiving a much smaller verdict than I deserved, and I still have a hard time emotionally dealing with my injuries because of it.

Legal Representation Matters

If I had taken the time to find a lawyer who cared about my case, things might have been different. My friend said she used Alex Hernandez Trial Lawyers for her dog bite accident last year and had a much better experience than me.

She made me realize that having a lawyer who’s both experienced in personal injury cases and experienced in the courtroom is essential if you hope to hold the negligent parties accountable, because defense lawyers are good at their jobs and they’ll ruthlessly fight back.

I know if I had had a qualified trial lawyer to fight for me and support me through the legal process, things would’ve turned out differently.

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