Not So Friendly Fluffy

Dogs have always been my favorite animal. I never owned one myself, but anytime I saw one in public, I would ask the owner if I could pet it. It would make my day to cuddle with a dog as many dogs are so loving and friendly. It wasn’t until my experience with “Not-So-Friendly Fluffy” that my mind about dogs changed completely. I’ll refer to the dog as Fluffy, but honestly, I never learned the dog’s actual name.

As I was walking down the street in Detroit, I saw this beautiful German Shepherd. As usual, I got excited and smiled. I didn’t pet the dog at first because I know it’s important to ask the owner. I began to ask, “Can I pet your dog?” and before the words could come out of my mouth, Fluffy attacked me!

The dog latched onto my arm and wouldn’t let go. I’m not sure what triggered the dog to attack, but I was traumatized. My arm was bloody and I had to go to the hospital. I had thirteen stitches put in my arm, and to this day, I still have a large scar. I no longer feel comfortable approaching owners or their dogs on the street because my trust is gone. One experience changed the way I feel about all dogs.

Pursuing a Settlement

I didn’t want to take legal action for what happened, but the accident left me with a ton of medical bills. I was also emotionally damaged from the incident and needed to pay for therapy. I eventually hired a Detroit personal injury lawyer to handle my case and they made the trial process much less stressful. While I focused on recovery, my legal team fought for me in court and demanded justice for what happened.

The dog owner was held accountable for the attack because Fluffy had previously attacked someone before. Not only did the dog owner have to pay for my medical expenses, but they also had to compensate me for my pain and suffering. After winning a settlement, I could heal more easily because I had the means necessary to get mental health treatment.

I’m still not comfortable with dogs just yet, but I hope one day I can get back to where I was before the attack. I don’t want one experience to make me lose the joy I felt about dogs. I know all dogs aren’t violent and one day I’ll find that trust again. If not, I can always get a cat!