She Was Drunk, but I Was Driving

A few months ago, my friend and I were driving home from a party when we got pulled over by the cops. My tags were expired, which is why the cops had a good excuse to pull us over. I was driving the car and had been the designated driver for the night. My friend, on the other hand, was wasted. I tried to keep my cool as the policeman asked me to get out of the car. I was nervous as to what would happen next. 

You see, in the state of Texas, a police officer is allowed to arrest a driver for a DWI even if they have no physical proof that the driver is under the influence. If the officer has any suspicion that the driver has been drinking, they have the right to charge them. Well, I was completely sober and my senses were all intact, but this police offer wasn’t buying it. Apparently, because my friend was drunk, this was suspicion enough for me to be drunk, too.  

The officer arrested both my friend and me. They stuck her in a drunk tank to sober up and charged me with a DWI. I was livid. I immediately called the best Dallas DWI attorney in the city and told him all about the situation. I was able to post bail, but I was still furious that I now had to go through a trial and defend my character. 

The Day of the Trial

On the day of the trial, I felt confident because my lawyer and I had spent numerous hours preparing. We knew that the police officer had zero evidence to incriminate me on the DWI charge, but I was honestly surprised at how hard of a fight the prosecution put up. We were able to get my charges dropped, but for a slight second, I had been worried. 

I’m really grateful that I was given the right to an attorney and a trial, because, without the chance to defend myself, the police officer’s side of the story would’ve been the only side heard. Even without evidence, the officer would’ve been able to incriminate a sober driver for a DWI charge, and a DWI conviction would’ve been detrimental to my future.

Unfortunately, my friend being drunk in the passenger seat and me choosing to be the designated driver worked against me. In the future, I won’t trust the police to believe my story; I’ll just take a taxi!