The courtroom is an interesting place, and the events that occur within the walls of courthouses can be victorious, heartbreaking, noteworthy, historic, shocking, and so much more. Every experience is different and depending on the perception of the case, the reaction to the verdict can change dramatically.

This is what makes the legal profession so heavy, so challenging, and so exciting. People’s lives are on the line and justice is being fought for each and every day. Movies and TV shows are made about the courtroom because it’s so intriguing to watch trials play out. On this blog, you’ll hear stories of trial, conviction, and whatever comes with it.

Anyone who’s experienced trials in a courtroom may have a story told here, but it’ll be up to the reader to interpret what each story means in the bigger picture of the legal system. This is an anonymous page, and we hope this will be exciting for you to read, because oftentimes, in court, you don’t get a chance to see how people really feel about the situation in an unfiltered way.

Why Different Perspectives Matter

The purpose of My Trial Blog is to give the public a new perspective on the courtroom—a perspective that only the people within the courtroom would see. These blog posts will also give other members of the court a new perspective as well, because, for example, the judge may never see what it’s like to be in the jury’s shoes and vice versa.

Empathy is derived from the ability to put one’s self in the shoes of another. If we can all read these posts and learn something from the stories told, justice may be served better in the future.

Real Lives, Real Stories

There’s no guarantee that My Trial Blog will make an impact on what happens inside the courthouse, but if it doesn’t, we still hope these stories will provide value. We promise that we’ll always offer a platform where those with real experiences can tell their stories and our audience is invited to read about it.

Unlike the entertainment world where you’re never quite sure what’s real or fake, you can rest assured that the stories here are based on real trials and the personal perspectives of those who have participated in them. We hope My Trial Blog gives you insight into the legal process, and thank you to all the brave people who have contributed to it.